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50+ Million Consumers are affected with Joint Health Issues

HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA

Why K2-VITA?

K2-VITA helps maintain joint health and flexibility…. MORE>

We created the dietary supplement that can help!

Our Water Soluble Formula
A water soluble formula dissolves in water and is readily absorbed into body tissues 4 times faster than fat-soluble formulas. Because they are not stored in the body, they need to be replenished regularly in our diet.

Benefits of our Unique Formula

Vitamin K2
K2 is preferentially used by other tissues to deposit calcium in appropriate locations, such as in the bones and teeth, and prevent it from depositing in locations where it does not belong, such as the soft tissues. It is crucial for dental and overall health.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is essential in helping your body to properly absorb and use calcium. Calcium helps to keep your bones and spine strong. Without calcium, you are at an increased risk for injury. Without vitamin D, your body begins to use the calcium that would normally promote the health of your skeletal system elsewhere in the body.

Never take Vitamin D Without Vitamin K2
Just as important as vitamin D is taking vitamin K2! Taking vitamin D without vitamin K could actually be harmful to your health. Vitamin D3’s natural partner is vitamin K2.

The genius of this combo begins with proper respect for D3’s function of powerfully enhancing calcium absorption.

Recent research has shown that excessive calcium intake alone can be harmful to the body. The additional calcium must be correctly utilized or it can show up in the wrong places and cause disease.

When it comes to calcium metabolism, vitamins D and K work together. Both play important roles. Vitamin D gets calcium into your blood and vitamin K gets it to the bones and prevents the calcium from accumulating in your arteries, kidneys or heart.

About Herohl

HerOhl, Inc consists of a team of professionals from Healthcare, Biotech, and Finance. Our goal is to provide our customers with dietary supplements which support bone health… MORE>

HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA
HerOhl K2-VITA

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