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Ever since I have been taking the K I have been more energized and my joint and spinal pain has been very minimal. I use to take turmeric everyday for inflammation to help my pain, since I have taken the K I have not had the need to take it on a regular basis in fact i have not taken any now for a couple months.

Eric Allen   

I started using this product due to severe arthritis in both knees. Within a week of taking the product I found that I had more ease of movement. I had less pain and my balance was much better and my walking was steadier.

Ginnie S.   

In the last 6 years I have sustained a number of low back injuries that significantly impeded mobility.
A different low back pain was slowly increasing with time after major problems were corrected.
I am very much involved in alternative health work and realized this can be, as an aftermath of such injuries, a common ailment
Because of my age (senior) I wasn't thrilled about permanently being attached to symptom blocking allopathic prescriptions.
Enter K2 Vita. After 2 -3 months on the product the pain eventually went from a 5/5 down to a 0/5.
I now have full mobility, where there were significant limitations prior to K2, in my lumbar region.
K2 has given me restoration to full freedom of movement.
I might add that in my recent extensive travels, for the most part I was not on the product. Yet, no pain returned.indicating elimination of cause and no need to take it daily, as would be the case in allopathic pharma.

Ken Altpeter   

I was given K2-Vita for pain in my lower back and my shoulder. I took the entire canister, and have felt an approximate 10% decrease in pain, and about about the same percentage in increased movement. Perhaps if I had remained on the protocol, I would've see an increase, but nevertheless, there was some improvement.

Linda Karlson   

I was given a sample bottle from a dear friend, Nathan Wilson.
Even with the inconsistency due to travel I still found this product helped.
I'm a 50 year old defensive tactics instructor that travels this fine planet empowering and educating civilians, law enforcement on self protection.
The abuse I've put my body thru is well, it's alot.
I honestly think this product will help anyone who is having joint issues.
Stay safe, stay healthy

Marcus Torgerson

Marcus Torgerson   

After three back disk operations, I experienced daily pain. Being a retired President of an international pharmaceutical company, I took all applicable OTC products and tropicals. None worked until I met a friend who introduced me to K2-Vita. I started taking one dose daily and now I have no more pain! Do yourself and a friend a favor by taking and recommending K2….it’s a GREAT product that exceeds its claims !!!

E Bourne   

I began taking K2-Vita to repair my right shoulder which had 2 torn tendons, some muscle atrophy and some arthritis. The K2 gave me much more mobility with markedly less pain and the ability to sleep on my right side. Additionally, I have been a congestive heart failure patient for 2 years and had taken a lot of D3 without any K2 which may have calcified my arteries. Two weeks ago after 3 months of taking K2-Vita my cardiologist gave me an echo cardiogram and said my heart is almost normal and regained pumping ability equal to a heart that not gone through heart failure.. I have to attribute some of it to K2-Vita

Ed Cohn   

I am very impressed with K-2 Vita. I have 27 patients on it and am taking it myself. While the initial support is to the spine, including nerves, discs, joints & cartilage, muscles and ligaments, it also supports kidneys, adrenals, skin and the vascular system.
People generally notice a decrease in inflammation resulting in the elimination of morning stiffness, increased mobility and flexibility, reduction or elimination of pain in muscles and joints, and a general feeling of overall strength.
I have a 68 year-old man who takes K-2 Vita before his gym work-outs and experiences increased strength, endurance and over-all results.
Another man noticed on the next day after he took K-2 Vita that he didn't need coffee to get going in the morning. After 2 weeks, he noticed his recovery time had reduced to about half and his chronic shoulder pain was gone.
A number of people have commented that their bodies really like it and they are anxious to take it in the mornings. They just generally feel better.
I have also found it to help with hormonal balance, especially the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis, assimilation, and cellular energy.

Carolyn Mein, DC   

I had a fall at work which aggravated my knees and low back. I found that my back pain responded very well but my knees didn't improve much. I am very happy that my back pain is now almost nonexistent.

Gerri D   

After a few weeks i said to myself,"you know what,I'm not as achy as I used to be.It was a gradual subtle change but it is real.When I skipped a few days,some of the pain started coming back so I know its working.

douglas kaslewicz   

I used K2-Vita and I felt better overall. I am 79 years old and have pain and stiffness after having lived life as a professional jockey. My neck feels less stiff and easier to move about and my knees feel better, too. I love the product and will continue its use. Thank you.

Braulio Baeza   

I use K2-Vita and my joint pain is no longer, I can surf and my knees are working great, thank you HerOhl.

Jason M.   

I have bad knees with much inflammation, keeping me in constant low -medium pain.
After using K2-Vita the inflammation was reduced dramatically allowing me 90% pain free.
This has really helped me to focus myself on living everyday wiithout preoccupation and distraction of the pain factor.
Great product. I highly recommend it.

Hassan Kahn   

I was given a sample container by my friend Ken to try. It was until the fourth week after taking K-2 that I noticed a significant improvement in my joints. The most significant improvement was in my thumbs. I noticed that the continual thumb pain subsided. By the end of the fourth week after using K-2 the pain went from a Ten continuously down to a manageable One. Thank you Sabine for sharing your product with my wife and I! I will tell my family and friends about it so they too can be out of joint pain! I am in industrial mechanic and I use my hands all the time. Being able to hold and handle things without pain helps me get a lot more done in a day! It was great to be out of pain while riding to and from work on my motorcycle! It also helped in normal every day chores around the home! PTL

Ike Rocca   

Hi Sabine! Thank you for the samples that I mailed out to about 12 of my Practitioners and their clients. I like the K2-Vita and starting to see positive changes in gout pain symptoms in my large toe joint. It only took a day or two for me to notice a significant difference in pain level. Nothing that I had tried before this had taken away the pain and I use some of the best supplements that you can buy. I found that the K2-Vita helped to take care of 85% of the pain which is excellent. Not quite all the pain, but close enough. One product that did work for eliminating all the pain was a very strong Hemp/CBD oil that . I think your new and improved formula will be advantageous to all who use it. Also, I hope that you will come out with a formula for dogs that will be beneficial to their bones. I was just confronted at the beginning of August when I saw that my Great Dane had an Osteosarcoma on his left leg. I used all the products that I know that kill cancer, facilitate DNA repair and boost the immune system. I went after this agressively. After 9 weeks, the Osteosarcoma is gone and my VET was astounded. His body started to throw calcium at the bone that had been compromised with the bone eating cancer. Gave him a digestive enzyme and herbal calcium to help with new bone growth, Have before and after pics of Baxter's leg. This is where your K2-Vita for pets would be of such tremendous value.

Suzy Goldberg   

After meeting Sabine Ohly In Palm Beach Florida where I was the keynote speaker. As I am a veteran United States Air Force. She started asking me if I knew of anyone that was having severe pain, PTSD or any other issues. I informed her, I had just torn Rotator cuff for the third time, and my upper Deltoid muscle. And have been in excruciating pain, for a little over one month. The pain relief topical meds given by the veterans affairs doctor. Was not working at all and many ways.

She asked if I would like to try K2 Vita product that she has developed.

I said, to Ms. Ohly - I’ll try anything that’s natural!

So after the third week of using the product as directed each and every day!

I was able to start using my shoulder and arm again! Normal healing process takes up to 5 to 6 months to be fully recovered.

Within two months. I was fully engaged back into the gym working out again! I approach many of my friends. They are to having the same effects from this product!

Nathan D. Wilson

Nathan Wilson   

K2-Vita x 2 canisters were used.
Complaint: shoulder pain following surgery for a torn rotator cuff and all tendon attachments; Lower back and hip pain as a result of a traumatic fracture.
Active 72 year old male used the product 1x/d in the AM as directed. The client stated he had some relief described as a "reduction in joint aches and stiffness" resulting in increased activity and endurance.

G Wyatt   

Before using K2-Vita, I had pain and inflammation in my lower back and in my cervical spine, as well as my right arm and left hip. I am a professional athlete, so I live with varying amounts of pain any day of the week. As I began using K2-Vita, I felt the inflammation reducing in my neck. Then my lower back began to feel better and I could move easier and with less stiffness. I believe this product helped my body reduce the inflammation and helped it heal itself, thereby. I have been using it ever since and will continue to do so. Thank you.

Janice L Blake   

Thank you Sabine for the K2-Vita sample. I used it on a stubborn pain related to gout on my large toe. The pain would wake me up at night. When I started your product, I had very quick results with the pain. I was quite surprised at how fast this product worked for me. This is a product that I would recommend to clients and friends. Looking forward to your new product!

Suzy Goldberg

Suzy Goldberg   


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